Be Happier in Just Five Minutes a Day

I’ve been struggling with some anxiety lately, so one of the things I decided to do was spend a few minutes each day writing down what I am grateful for.


Life is super busy for most of us and it can often feel like a bit of a blur. It becomes easy to spend too much time focusing on things that are either not going our way now or anticipating what may happen in the future.

When we do this, we end up not being present with the wonderful things that are currently in our life.

A few days in and I was feeling more positive and had things in a better perspective.

I then stumbled across The Five Minute Journal and just really loved the concept. I went straight ahead and ordered one for Ella and myself.

Not only does it just look really well done, I love the simplicity of it and the five questions each day really resonated with me. I also knew it would help me establish the habit of thinking about these things every day.

The five questions are a great mix of being grateful and recognising what’s going well, aswell as what you actually need to do and some self reflection on how you could improve.

Rather than waffle on about the five questions, have a flip through The Five Minute Journal in full for yourself below (I love that they allow you to do this and it definitely persuaded me to make the purchase).

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