Hi, my name is Daniel Clough. I recently moved to Malahide (Ireland) with my girlfriend Ella, daughter Fearne, and two dogs – Gus & Milly. I was born in Cambridge (UK).

I like to keep fit and healthy. Big fan of crossfit.

I’m obsessed with self-improvement and being a better person. I blame listening to Tony Robbins when I was younger. I geek out on productivity hacks, habits, routines and learning new things.

I read alot. Mostly non-fiction.

I don’t go far without some type of music playing. I have a pretty broad taste, but lean towards hip-hop.

I’m an ISTJ.

I’m a minimalist. I like things uncluttered and simple.

I drink lots of tea and red wine.

Larry David is my hero.

Here’s what I’m doing now


Trying hard to be a good Dad and boyfriend. Lots of good time with the family.

Staying active with crossfit, swimming and biking. Current goals are being able to do a muscle up and strict handstand push up (working on high pull ups, dips and kipping pull ups for muscle up and kipping handstand push ups for a strict handstand push up).

Improving my mobility with GMB Fitness. Fixing a very painful tendonitis of the big toe.

Eating Paleo as often as I can.

Doing the 10 week Wim Hof course (breath work / cold exposure)

Being COO for DIGIT.

Writing patient profiles for Watsi.

Staying in touch with friends and family (given our recent move to Ireland).

Being more adventurous. Exploring new places and trying new things. Getting out of my comfort zone.