No Chocolate, Sweets or Desserts October: My Results

October is finally over and so is my giving up of chocolate, sweets and dessert!

It was actually way easier than I imagined.

Unlike alcohol, eating sweet things isn’t really entrenched in any of my regular routines. This made it a lot easier to give up.

I noticed I would get sudden urges to eat chocolate and sweets – normally when I was tired or driving past a shop etc. Because of the randomness, it was pretty easy to suppress those urges and just not do it.

The only exception was desserts. You can’t beat rounding off a nice meal out with a sticky toffee pudding right? 😉 I don’t really eat desserts at home, so it was only a factor when eating out. I simply replaced dessert with a double espresso and after a few times, it just became the normal thing to do.

So, what did I learn?

A couple of things. Firstly, when I ate chocolate and sweets, it wasn’t really down to really wanting them. It was more a case of being really tired or just picking them up because I happened to be in a shop. I was just doing it for the sake of it. I can definitely cut back on that.

I think the same goes for desserts. Often, I would order a dessert because – well – that’s just what you do when you eat out right? 😉 Even if I was full after my main meal, I would order a dessert. I started to find that sometimes it was actually nicer to not eat dessert, and simply have a coffee instead.

Like alcohol, giving up sweets, chocolate and desserts was a worthwhile thing to do. It will definitely change how much I eat of them going forward. I think I’ll eat less of them overall due to cutting out the ‘eating for the sake of it’ situations. When I do eat them, I am sure I will appreciate them more.

We’ll find out later. I am catching up with a friend and may well indulge in that sticky toffee pudding!

I’ve been trying to think what to give up in November and my mind is a blank.  I’ll decide today though.

Any ideas?

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