Blogs are Better than Books

I learn more from blogs than I do from books nowadays.

Blogs are Better than Books

I actually even prefer to consume short articles or blog posts than read an entire book.

Firstly, my attention span has gotten a lot shorter over the last five years and I’m also busier than ever. I need to make my time work for me.

I prefer to read short pieces that contain perhaps one, two or even a handful of really good nuggets vs. a book that stretches one or two themes into a lengthy and time consuming 200 pages. Probably four out of five books I read nowadays could have just been condensed into a solid 2,000 word article and delivered 90% of the same learnings. The internet is for snacking and as a result I think how we all like to consume content is changing.

Secondly, you can literally reach into some of the brightest minds of this planet from the comfort of your sofa and get real time (therefore normally highly relevant) learnings and be inspired by these people. Whether that be following them on twitter, reading their blog posts or watching video interviews etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read quite a lot of books so far this year and have enjoyed and learned from many of them.

However I probably learned more from this or this or this or this (all read in the last couple of weeks), than probably half of the books on that list. As you can see from that list, I’m also starting to put books down early if they don’t get my attention or if it feels waffley.

I learn so much from the likes of Zenhabits, Zen Pencils, Paul Graham, Seth Godin, AVC and Richard Branson and always look forward to a new post.

I’ll round it off by also saying that I found trying to discover new blog content frustrating at first, until I realised relying exclusively on twitter for discovering content is really effective.

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