Building Awesome Plans

Over the years I have spent a lot of my time helping teams build strategies and plans for either products or large-scale organisational change. And just as important, then executing those plans.

It was only after reading Matt Blumberg’s ‘The Best Laid Plans’ series a few months ago that I started to think about my own methodology for building strategic plans.

I’ve been looking for a meaty subject push me to write several posts in a reasonable time frame for a while and I’ve therefore decided to write my own guide to building a strategic plan, which I hope will come out as good as Matt’s 🙂

I tend to go about it in five key stages outlined below:

  1. Defining Objectives, Goals and Strategy
  2. Idea Generation
  3. Idea Prioritisation
  4. Detailed planning
  5. Crystallising the plan and defining accountability

I’ve crunched the whole thing into a few weeks before but ideally I think you would want roughly 8-10 weeks to do it complete justice.

I’m going to work on Part 1 – ‘Defining Objectives, Goals and Strategy’ over the next couple of days and will publish it this weekend. I’ll also aim to complete all five parts of the series over the next couple of weeks.

Watch this space.

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