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Rescover is here!

Wohoo! As of Tuesday, Rescover is now available in the App Store

If you don’t know already, Rescover lets you discover things you love, and reminds you when and where they come out.

You can follow TV Shows, Movies, Music, Games, Books etc. Rescover will then keep you in the loop with official release dates, descriptions, trailers and most importantly – remind you when it comes out.

We’re really happy with what we put together and we have lots of ideas for how to make it even better. We’re going to be working on those over the coming weeks.

Our main focuses now are 1/ get people to download it 2/ talk to them and get feedback 3/ make it better. Repeat 😉

It’s starting to sink in that building the first version was the easy bit (well easier bit). Getting people to download it and like it is where the real work comes in!

On that note, I have a small favour to ask. I’d love it if you could give it a whirl and let me know what you think. And if you like it, please let others know in any way you can. Every little bit is a great help!

A New Project: rescover

I haven’t written much in the last few months, mostly because I didn’t really have that much to say.

In fact, I’ve felt like this for a lot of the year and it’s linked to not having something juicy to work on. When you have something big and hard you are working on, you tend to notice and think more about interesting stuff. I’ve definitely missed that in 2014.

That changed about 6 weeks ago for me.

A good friend of mine and I have always been talking about our ideas and one day working on one of them together. We’ve worked with each other on a bunch of projects spanning close to 15 years, but never before on a project of our own. And now we’re doing just that.

We’re building an app called rescover.

The tag line is ‘Never miss something you’re looking forward to again.’

This is a problem that we were both having and wanted to solve. We obviously hope that many others have the same problem.

Personally, I would find myself either hearing of something coming out, but then forget about it and ultimately miss it. Sometimes I would catch up on it, other times I wouldn’t.

Or, something would come out and be out for a while, before I would even find out about it.

England football games, season 3 of Elementary, season 4 of Homeland, a new issue of KinFolk, a new John Grisham novel etc.

I’m not a particularly big consumer of media, so it took me a while to realise this was a problem for me (although now that I am using the functionality of our app daily, I’m amazed out how much stuff I am catching on the day of release and was previously missing entirely).

Jay on the other hand, is a more active consumer of media and was experiencing this pain much more obviously (he was always moaning about it 😉 ).

Throw in different formats, delivery platforms, retailer exclusives and geographical releases and it becomes even harder to know what’s coming out, how and when.

There are people who are trying to solve this problem, but we feel like we can do it 10x better.

Over the last 6 weeks, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to pull everything together. We’re going about this in quite an unusual and interesting way, which we think will make a big difference to how effective the app will be.

We’re on track to launch before Christmas to a small group of people – our friends, family, personal network and anyone who has expressed an interest in getting a hold of the first version.

Now, I’d like to ask a favour 😉

If you read this blog regularly, I would love for you to be part of that first group of people who get to use rescover. Your early feedback will be immensely useful to us.

Please sign up at and we’ll be in touch just before launch to let you know how to get a hold of rescover.

If you are on Twitter and Facebook, please also follow us. We are currently reminding people of new things coming out, and we’ll also be sharing progress updates through to launch.

I’ve been much happier since working on rescover. It’s amazing how having a big thing you are passionate and excited about in your life changes your mood. Of course, I have lots of great things in my life, but I was missing a big, juicy thing to work on, that I cared about and would allow me to have an impact on others.

I’m hoping to also get back to writing more frequently too!

Jay and I really appreciate you signing up and following us. We also hope you enjoy rescover when it lands!