Hatching Twitter

I just finished Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton I loved it. So much so that I finished it in a day and a half!


Full of great stories, twists and turns. And a great reminder how messy starting a company and building a product can be. Really inspiring too.

I love how different people ran Twitter through the different phases too – they all seemed so right for each phase. Jack at the beginning as the product inspiration, then Evan’s experience helped clear up some mess and move things forward. And then Dick helped it grow up properly, took it public and brought Jack back to influence product.

I haven’t enjoyed a book so much since The Alchemist (which is my all time favorite book).

Also, remember the fail whale?


I remember getting that so regularly as a user of twitter. Reading about how the team struggled with the growth and reliability gives that experience some context. Just think, as I was seeing fail whale, the drama was unfolding!

You can probably already tell, I highly recommend Hatching Twitter.

P.S  thanks @jessratcliffe for the recommendation

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