Stop Talking, Start Doing – Book Review

I picked up this book at the airport the other week to read on the flight over to San Francisco and I really liked it.

It’s a super easy read – it’ll take no longer than an hour and a half in total and is really easy to get through. Even if you hate reading, you’ll be just fine with it 🙂

The title says it all really. The crux of the book is about taking action and making things happen.

Nothing revolutionary in the book, but it’s a sharp reminder about how we need to think and act in order to make the most out of life.

I have a few friends that are VERY good at just jumping into things. They have incredible self confidence and are generally go getter types of personalities – they really make things happen and it’s no surprise that they tend to be quite successful in life. I can be a little risk adverse with things (my general operational background kicks in) at times and it can cause me to hold back rather than just go for it. This book got me thinking about that……

Some highlights for me:

  • Life is short – make the most of it!
  • It’s never been easier to pursue a passion or start a business
  • Fear (of the unknown, failure etc.) tends to stop us getting out of our comfort zone and doing new things. However it is the regret of missed opportunity that should scare us more – it has a much larger impact on our life.
  • If fear or a lack of self confidence starts to kick in, ask yourself – ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’. Normally the worst that can happen isn’t so bad and normally always better than the missed opportunity.
  • Act immediately – don’t be afraid to start straight away, even if it means starting small. For example if you have been meaning to get fit – just get out and go for a long walk. If you have been meaning to read, just block out 30 min and read. Sounds simple but sometimes you just have to do something immediately to get some momentum.
  • Do what you say – follow through. It’s an important trait.
  • Make each day count. If you screw up a day, make the next one count 🙂


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