Try this. Take a breath, and say to yourself – ‘Be where your feet are

You’ll find your awareness goes straight to your feet. You should then feel a connection with the ground. And from there, a self awareness and connection with your body.

This will snap you straight into the present moment. A feeling of calm should come over you.

If you were worrying about something, it will probably fall into perspective (most of us spend an enormous amount of mental energy worrying about things we don’t need to, or that will never happen). What’s really important will become a bit clearer.

It should help you spring into the rest of the day with a calmer, clearer, more present mind. At the very least, you’ll shift some worry in that moment, and become more present.

I stumbled across this phrase recently (thanks to this great podcast between Luka Hocevar and Nate Green). I immediately said it to myself and I went through the motions above. I know it feels a bit woo, woo – but it was super effective.

Now I’m on the search for a poster for my home! 😉

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