Here’s a simple trick that will give you an unfair advantage over 99% of people at work.

1. Spend time thinking deeply about the results you want to have over a 6 month period. Think about where you must focus, and what you will need to do to achieve them. Organise your ideas into a concise document.

2. Book a meeting with your manager. Tell them that it’s important for you to make the biggest impact as possible over the next 6 months. Talk them through your plan, and get their feedback and ideas.

3. Send your manager a finalised version of your 6 month plan, incorporating their feedback, and any feedback from your peers. Let them know you are super excited to create the results the company needs, and to have as much impact as possible over the next 6 months.

4. At the beginning of each week, take some quiet time to look at this plan, and plan your week. You have 26 weeks to achieve it. Think of each one as a step forward.

Hardly ANYONE does this.

If you do it, your manager will probably fall off their chair. Firstly, because it shows such a high level of self awareness and intention. And secondly, because it will probably be the first time they’ve seen someone do this.

But, not only that, this will help you be much more focused and effective. I like to think I know how to make an impact at work. I largely put this down to the process of being clear on my priorities (the plan), and then being very focused on them every week (the weekly planning process).

If you’re not doing this, you’re missing a huge opportunity to stand out, and be more effective.

If you need any help in how to approach something like this, get in touch. I’d be happy to help.

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