Every now and then, I stumble across a handful of awesome articles over the course of a few days. That happened this week, so I wanted to share them.

40 Ways to Live a Full Life (and Leave Nothing on the Table) by Age 30 by Ryan Holiday.

I don’t usually like these lists of wisdom when someone hits an age milestone. But these are really good. They’re all short and on-point. I like that Ryan takes a different angle on some things too.

Cigarettes & Silhouettes: Running the Cancelled LOViT 100 Mile Race by Josie Rozell

Signing up for a 100 mile race is pretty crazy. When the race is cancelled at the last minute, you head home disappointed right? Not Josie. She decided to run it alone. Pretty awesome story.

On Analog Social Media by Cal Newport

Cal Newport ran ‘The Digital Declutter Experiment’ last year. Over 1,600 people signed up for a one month break from “optional technologies” (including social media). Afterwards, they only introduced technologies back that they were motivated to do so.

Really insightful. I’m convinced social media is making us lazy and stupid. It seems the best strategy is to use social media consciously and infrequently.

Train Yourself to Be More Positive in 5 Steps By Dani DiPirro

Some really great pointers for how to develop a more positive outlook. 

How to Do a Perfect Handstand: Prep, Progressions & Training Plans By Ryan Hurst

The only guide you’ll ever need to work up towards a handstand. I’ve been impressed with GMB’s articles for a few years. Now that I work for them, I get to see how stuff works behind the scenes.

It’s mind blowing to see how much work goes into creating these in depth and free articles. You won’t find a better a better handstand guide – free or paid.

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